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Green Venture Partners Clean Energy Project Developers and Strategists

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GVP's team is working in a wide range of renewable energy projects both in Australia and in South America.

Tobi Nagy
[MEI (Hons), B. Eng (Hons IIA), A.Dip (Man.Eng)]
Managing Director

Project Strategy and Development, Planning and Modelling

Tobi Nagy has been a business strategist and an organisational developer in the area of clean energy and sustainability since 2004. His area of expertise includes renewable and clean energy, hydrogen fuel, transportation, recycling, sustainable development including agriculture and ecotourism.

Tobi has successfully run a management consultancy for over 14 years and has consulted to businesses from start-ups to multi-million dollar businesses looking for growth and new market opportunities, in the areas of  renewable energy, sustainability as well as manufacturing, and business and health services.

Tobi's role with Green Venture Partners, a business which he co-founded in 2009, is to help clean energy project developers, both in Australia and globally, source finance partners, develop investment-ready strategies, structure and negotiate deals in the area of wind, solar, and biomass. He also provides consulting and research in the area of solar, wind, biomass and biofuels for a range of clients.

Tobi is currently also a sessional lecturer at three of Melbourne's leading educational universities and polytechnics: lecturing both undergraduate and post-graduate (management studies) in a wide variety of areas such as: sustainability, ethics, CSR, entrepreneurial finance, international trade strategies, small business growth and management and professional English.

Previously, Tobi has also worked as a commercialisation consultant for one of Australia's leading commercialisation organisations, INNOVIC, to help inventors and entrepreneurs commercialise their "green" and cleantech innovations, giving him an insight into the needs of both investors and the entrepreneurs.

Tobi's passion and expertise is in start-up ventures and has worked in strategic and business development, planning, financial modelling, funding and grant sourcing. Over the past 19 years, Tobi himself has established a number of successful start-up businesses in the area of manufacturing, food, ecotourism and consulting. He has also worked and developed projects in the Pacific and China.

His interests include entrepreneurship, innovation and sustainable development, and building on his interest in these areas, has completed the Masters of Entrepreneurship and Innovation (MEI) with honours at Swinburne University of Technology in Melbourne, Australia in 2009 with an honours major in International Business.

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Zaida Segura [MIB] Certificate of Excellence
South American
Representative (Colombia)

Renewable energy project developer, advisor and commodities trader.


Zaida is a creative and analytical person; her experience in different areas of engineering (Mechanical, Material Handling and Software Management Projects) has given her a holistic view of The global market.

Currently, she is working with Green Venture Partners to help establish projects in the rapidly growing markets of Colombia, working with NGOs and government officials to help realise and develop, both environmental and social projects, for the poor and indigenous communities of Colombia.

Her experience has ranged from Freight Forward to Engineering to Software environments performing reports for the auditory management of the Government Web sites and functioning of the applets in the Government platform in Colombia. This has allowed her the opportunity to demonstrate the ability to adapt her communication style and to prove her negotiation capabilities when liaising between customers and the technical experts. Part of her role at Tieman Industries in Australia, was clearly interpreting highly technical information for non-technical individuals to elaborate the operation manuals and mechanical safety procedures.

Her concern to understand business affairs took her to complete the Master of International Business and research in Leadership and Ethics in the Global Market in December 2009 awarded with Certificate of Excellence for Top Students, form the Australian Graduate School of Entrepreneurship.

Prior to arriving in Australia she did some studies of Anthropology in Colombia, which emphasises culture and the cultural diversity.

Zaida has developed a genuine passion for analyses of customer needs through Market Research and developing the ability of harness entrepreneurial perception and intuition.

In turn, she enjoys the challenge of formulating marketing strategies accordingly, especially in Global Strategy Developed understanding and appreciation of Quality Assurance (ISO) and Service Delivery standards.


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